Unlimited Employees
Unlimited Subusers
Send unlimited emails
Unlimited photo/doc uploads
Unlimited data
(one of our users has over 27,000 customers)
No Contracts
Risk-Free for 30 days
Cancel anytime
No Set up fees
No hidden fees
Lock it in!

Consider this…

If you’re one of the many service business owners or managers who are still pushing papers around or if you currently use a software program that is constantly nickel and dimeing you where you’re being asked to pay for this or pay for that (hint: it doesn’t cost anything from a software standpoint for additional users so software companies asking for more money depending on the # of users makes no sense), give us a try! We offer one flat, easy to understand pricing structure with no surprises.

Our belief is that there should be no barriers to entry if someone needs software for their service business. So at $34.95, the biggest barrier (price) has just been eliminated. But also understand that we’re a business. We put a HUGE amount of money and resources into continuing development. So this price point is a win-win for everyone. We’re able to introduce new features regularly and you’re able to enjoy and benefit from a software program that will truly take your business to a whole ‘nother level.

Cost vs. Investment

We all have a lot of expenses and costs to deal with on a regular basis. Unfortunately the vast majority of the dollars we spend go right down the tube. Bills, bills, and more bills. The Customer Factor on the other hand is a “must have” investment in your business. This isn’t just a software product that helps you “manage”. It’s a software product that’ll help you GROW!

If The Customer Factor doesn’t actually make you money along the way, then simply cancel. No hard feelings and we’ll part friends. But…we’re betting that you won’t. Our users routinely call us after sending out a broadcast email to their customer base letting us know about the extra jobs they booked. or how their phone call traffic has increased due to the email automation and drip campaigns that they’ve set up. The bottom line is that if you’re not seeing results in both an increase in revenue and a decrease in time spent on your business, then The Customer Factor isn’t being used correctly.

Lock it in…

Wanna know how to whap inflation in the mouth so that your pricing never goes up? Click on the “Join Now” button below. If you join today, you will be grandfathered in and guaranteed to never get a price increase. Ever! As you know, everything is going up-food, gas, utilities, credit card charges, etc. etc. The norm would be for us to follow the crowd and raise our pricing too. Nope. As more and more features are introduced into the software though, our pricing will most certainly rise to keep up with the value provided. But this applies to new members only. Your $34.95 per month pricing will never budge!

Important Announcement…

Will this $34.95 be around next week or next month? Maybe…maybe not. This isn’t some “buy now” sales talk. The fact of the matter is that our last price increase was in May of 2012. Since that time we have released hundreds of new features into The Customer Factor. As the value increases so must the price. We’ve held off for as long as we could. So…if you’re needing to think about whether to join The Customer Factor, we’d recommend that you do it quickly because there’s no guarantee that this pricing will be around much longer. It would be a bummer for you to leave our site only to come back later and see that the pricing has gone up.

So…click around our site, read and reread what we offer and what we’re all about, call or email with questions…and then click the “Join Now” button. See ya on the other side!