The Customer Factor was launched in 2004 by our CEO and President, Steve Wright. He owned a window cleaning business at the time and was tired of messing around with index cards and the manual follow up process. Follow up is important but having to sift through index cards all the time just wasn’t fun and was a huge time waster! So The Customer Factor got its start primarily as a way to automate the follow up processes in Steve’s own business. There simply wasn’t any any other program available at the time that automated the process.

From those humble beginnings in 2004 we have grown to the point where The Customer Factor is now simplifying and streamlining service businesses all over the world.

The Future…

Have we finished building? Not a chance! We’re building out our infrastructure now to handle the growth and as technology gets introduced we’re latching on to it if it makes sense for our user base. And we all know the future is mobile, so our iOS and Android apps are growing with new features constantly.

New Features are also being introduced into the software almost weekly. Software, if done correctly, is never “finished”. We take this literally. We don’t wait months or a year to introduce an update. That’s nutty. We work on features 6 days a week, so when a feature is completed, we upload it right away so that our users can benefit from it.

If you ask around or talk to another current user of The Customer Factor, chances are one of the things they’ll say is “They’re always adding new features”.

So…the future is bright at the offices of The Customer Factor. We’ll be here for you today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and 20 years from now. We’re not going anywhere. We’re having too much fun and we know you will too. So come on in and join us. Your business will thank you for it!

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Who is The Customer Factor for?

Window Cleaners
Maid/Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaners
Pressure Washing Companies
Pool Cleaning
Tree Service
Air Duct Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Blind Cleaning
Chimney Sweeps