Private Labeling The Customer Factor

For the past few months, we’ve been offering private label opportunities to The Customer Factor software. What is private labeling? Glad you asked. 🙂

Private labeling involves basically eliminating all reference to The Customer Factor name everywhere throughout the software and replacing it with yours. This includes editing the color scheme also so that it matches your company “look”. In essence, when the transformation is complete, the software will look like you created it and it’s owned exclusively by you.

A good example is here: Ladybug Manager

This is only the login page, but you’ll notice that the header graphic is different and the footer has “Ladybug Manager” in it instead of The Customer Factor. And if you were to login to an account with Ladybug Manager, you’d notice that it looks different than what you see when logged into The Customer Factor.

So why would anyone want to private label The Customer Factor? The long and the short of it is because it would give the company their own software product with their own name on it that they didn’t have to pay thousands of dollars and untold man hours to create.

Plus we fully support private label software just like we support our main software at, so it saves the company from having to hire support personnel or have a programming team on board. In addition, any upgrades and improvements made to the main software is also made for our private label customers.

The fact of the matter though is that most of our members will never need to private label The Customer Factor because it’s not a big issue for them to login to The Customer Factor and create subusers who can also login and use The Customer Factor.

However, if you plan on growing your business to the point where you sell locations to people interested in your business plan, then you may want to include software as part of the package. It makes quite a statement when you can offer them a complete software package as part of their purchase price.

Due to the extra time involved in getting The Customer Factor switched over so that all trace of The Customer Factor has been eliminated within the software and replaced with a different company’s name, please don’t expect it to run $24.95 per month like our regular membership pricing. 🙂 Plus as mentioned above, each time we do an upgrade, it’s also made to all private label software accounts.

So in order to justify the initial/ongoing work and support, it takes a minimum of 10 users (24.95 per month x 10 = $249.50 monthly) to private label The Customer Factor. The alternative is to 1) purchase another software product which would be in their company name; or you can 2) create your own software product. And we know first hand how expensive it is to create a software product like this, so that really isn’t an option for most folks.

There are two closing notes to make:

  • If you are interested in private labeling The Customer Factor, but have 6 users instead of the 10 we require, that’s no probs. It’s not so much the “10” that’s the requirement. The requirement is basically the monthly subscription ($249.50) which covers the extra cost and time it takes to transition and support (tech and upgrades) a private label account. One user could literally private label The Customer Factor if they want to.
  • And the companies who private label The Customer Factor are paying for it from the proceeds of the people who purchased their business opportunity or business plan. Usually people who make a purchase like this (of a business in a particular location), they are charged a monthly fee or royalty % of some kind so that they can receive support in their business. So although we receive payment from the company for their private label software product each month, it’s actually being paid for by the individuals who have purchased the business plan/location.

As a reminder, the vast majority of our members probably don’t ever need to consider private labeling The Customer Factor. There’s really no need. However, if you’ll be selling business opportunities/locations to other people who will join your company as independent business owners, and you want to provide them a quality software product that is in your company name, please contact us at Make sure to put “private label” in the subject line of your email. We’ll reply with some more detailed information.



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