Welcome to our Update Center where we post information about new features, updates, and modifications that we do in The Customer Factor. We do updates constantly. As they say, “if you’re not constantly trying to improve, then you’re going backwards”. Since 2004 we’ve introduced hundreds of new features and have made countless modifications. And we plan on creating a slew of new features such as online booking, a customer portal, a map screen, route optimization, and much more. We have a white board in our office that is constantly being kept busy.

You’ll see categories on the right along with recent posts, so click around, enjoy, and check back frequently. This is the place to visit if you need more information or just want to review more about what The Customer Factor has to offer.

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The Customer Factor

Scheduling A Job

It's easy to schedule a job in The Customer Factor. If the job is for an existing customer, simply search for the customer profile at the top in the global search field: Scroll down to scheduling area which says "Scheduling -…

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Email Personalization

We recently added a new option in creating emails to be easier and more convenient for you. You can create your email and have it customized using this link. http://www.thecustomerfactor.com/emailsettings.php We took away the tokens like %firstname%, %lastname%, etc. and…

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Customizing Invoice

To customize your invoices, please hover over the "Invoices" tab and click "Format" Or you can click here to visit the invoices format screen. Select the "Customize Invoice" option which opens up the customization area. You can select from one of…

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Notes Description

There are different kinds of notes that you can use in the software. General Notes: can be seen by you and subusers in the software (daily calendar) and in app although you can prevent subusers from seeing them. If you…

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Reviews and Survey

We recently introduced a new feature into The Customer Factor that allows you to capture reviews and send surveys. It's located on the reviews & surveys screen. You can get reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home Advisor, and more. Reviews…

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