Clock In Questions

Question: How can we clock in and out:

Answer: We have two ways to do it and both involve the app, so do you have your guys set up with their accounts where they can log into the app with their own user/pass info? that’s done here:

Once they log into the app they’ll see a clock in/clock out button on the dashboard. So this is the first way to do it. The clock in/clock out is about time spent that day.

The second way to do it is to go into an actual appt (again in the app) and click on the stopwatch at top right. This particular time function is about the time spent traveling to the job and time spent on the job.

Not everyone uses both clock features. Some users may only care about the time spent each day so they want their subusers to use the clock in/clock out button. Other users only care about time spent on the job. And some users care about both clock in/clock out and job time tracking.

You can run reports back in the main software program on the reports screen

( ) and click on employee/pay hours.

If you have any follow ups to ask on the above pls let us know. Take care for now.

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