Email Set Up

Before providing the email setup steps, it’s best to select “imap” vs “pop3”. Imap is the better option when setting up email addresses in your phone whereas pop3 is the option to use when setting up email addresses on your computer (outlook, outlook express).

And here are the settings to use when setting up an email address in your phone:

1) username
2) email password
3) incoming and outgoing email server (
4) make sure to fill in your username (email address) and password again in the outgoing email area. It might say “optional” but the info should still be inserted.
5) make sure the “require sign in” option is checked for outgoing mail server
6) Choose the “SSL” option and select “accept all certificates” as the ssl option.
7) The incoming port should be 993 and the outgoing port should be 465 (or 587)

If you have any questions or issues with the above, pls let me know. Take care for now and have a great day.

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