Tokens and it’s Uses

Tokens are used to personalize emails, letters, and text messages. There are many tokens that can be used such as %firstname%, %fullname%, %emailaddress%, etc. You can use as many or as far as you want to be, but be aware that if the data isn’t in the database for whoever is being sent the email then there will just be a blank space where the token was.

For example, if you use %salutation% to bring in the salutation (Mr. Mrs. Miss, etc.) into the email but that particular customer or prospect has no salutation info then they would end up with nothing displaying.  So this “Dear %salutation% %lastname%” would end up like this in the email: “Dear Smith”.

You can see all the tokens in the email settings when creating an email, using this link:

tokens, email settings

There are multiple tokens that serve different needs, and it can differ from email to email.

General Tokens:

%currentdate% – display present date ( April 19 , 2018)

%name% – retrieves name of prospect or customer (John Smith)

%salutation% – salutation (Mr. , Mrs. , Dr. etc)

%fullname% – retrieve first and last name of contact person (Mary Smith)

%firstname% – retrieve first name (Mary)

%firstname% –  retrieves  user’s last name (Smith)

%companyname% –  retrieves company name (Breezy Window Cleaning)

%address% – retrieves  user’s address (123 North lane, New york, NY 14568)

%phonenumber% – retrieves  user’s phone number ( 614-210-4566)

%joblocationpartial% – retrieves job jocation partial

%joblocationfull% – retrieves job location full

%emailaddress% – retrieves email address(

%feedback% – Feedback

%generalnotes% –  General Notes

Job Tokens:

%lastjobtype% –  retrieves Last Job Type

%lastjobdate% – retrieves Last Job Date

%lastjobdetails% –  retrieves  Last Job Details

%scheduleddate% –  retrieves Next Scheduled Job Date

%nextjobday% –  retrieves  Next Job Day

%nextjobdate% –  retrieves Next Job Date

%nextjobmonth% –  retrieves Next Job Month

%nextjobyear% – retrieves next job year

%nextweeksjobs% – retrieves Next Weeks Jobs

%next2weeksjobs% – retrievesNext 2weeks Jobs

%tentativescheduleddate% – retrieves Next Tentative Job Date

%techassign% – retrieves Tech Assign

%jobdetailsnoendtime% – retrieves Job Details/no end time

%nextjobtime% – retrieves Appt. Time of Next Job

%timeperiod% – retrievesDisplays “am” or “pm”

%arrivaltimehalfhour% – retrieves 1/2 hour arrival time

%arrivaltimeonehour% – retrieves 1 hour arrival time

%arrivaltimetwohours% – retrieves 2 hour arrival time

%jobdetails% – retrieves All Job Details

%joblocation% – retrieves Job Location

%nextjobtype% – retrieves Next Job Type

%nextappointment% – retrieves Next Appointment

%jobtypedetails% – retrieves  Job Type Details

%jobdetailswithpricing% – retrieves All Job Details with Price

%estimatelink% – retrieves Estimate

%quotelink% – retrieves Quote

%proposallink% – retrieves  Proposal

%estimatejobs% – retrieves Estimate Jobs

%jobdetailsnojobtype% – retrieves Job details no job type

%estimatetotal% – retrieves Estimate Total

%jobprice% – retrieves Job Price

%duration% – retrieves Duration

%employeephoto% – retrieves Employee Photo

%photo<title>% – retrieves Photo Title

%customerbalance% – retrieves Customer Balance

%confirmappointment% – retrieves  Confirm Appointment

%nextyearsjobswithpricing% – retrieves Jobs next year w/pricing

%nextyearsjobsnopricing% – retrieves Jobs next year w/o pricing

%thisyearsjobswithpricing% – retrieves Jobs this year w/pricing

%thisyearsjobsnopricing% – retrieves Jobs this year w/o pricing

Estimate Tokens:

%estimatelink% – retrieves Estimate

%quotelink% – retrieves Quote

%proposallink% – retrieves Proposal

%estimatejobs% – retrieves Estimate Jobs

%joblocation% – retrievesJob Location

%estimatedate% – retrieves Estimate Date

%estimatetotal% – retrieves Estimate Total

%estimatetime% – retrieves Estimate Time

%arrivaltimehalfhour% – retrieves 1/2 hour arrival time

%arrivaltimeonehour% – retrieves  1 hour arrival time

%arrivaltimetwohours% – retrieves 2 hour arrival time

%estimatedetails% – retrieves Estimate Details

%employeephoto% – retrieves Employee Photo

%photo<title>% – retrievesPhoto Title

%custom<insert custom name>% – retrieves Custom Field

%customlist<insert custom name>% – retrieves Custom Field List

%bigproposal% – retrieves Big Proposal

%bigestimate% – retrievesBig Estimate

%bigquote% – retrieves Big Quote

%acceptestimate% –  Accept Estimate

%acceptquote% – Accept Quote

%acceptproposal% –  Accept Proposal

Invoice/Job Tokens:

%invoicelink% – Invoice

%receiptlink% – Receipt

%invoicenumber% – Invoice Number

%invoicejobs% – Invoice Jobs

%invoicetotal% – Invoice Total

%balancedue% – Balance Due

%joblocation% – Job Location

%nextjobday% – Next Job Day

%nextjobdate% – Next Job Date

%nextjobmonth% – Next Job Month

%nextjobyear% – Next Job Year

%scheduleddate% – Next Scheduled Job Date

%invoicejobsnodetails% – Invoice Jobs No Details

%amountpaid% – Amount Paid

%depositdue% –  Deposit Due

%customerbalance% – Customer Balance

%creditcardpaymentlink% –  CC Payment Link

Statement Tokens:

%statementdetail% –  retrieves Jobs on Statement

%statementtotal%  –  retrieves  Total Statement Amount

%customerbalance% –  retrieves  Customer Balance

%creditcardpaymentlink% – retrieves  CC Payment Link

If you have any questions, please let me know. Take care and have a great day.

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