Why We Don’t Recommend Google Chrome When Using The Customer Factor

The  is a web based software program as you all know, so we always have to test The Customer Factor in the different internet browsers available to make sure everything is functioning 100%. Not all internet browsers read and understand code the same. In other words, Internet Explorer might interpret something differently than the Firefox internet browser. For example maybe a window won’t close in Internet Explorer like it should, but it closes fine in Firefox.

This is all ironed out during our testing processes since we test everything in the 3 major internet browsers. Again, with The Customer Factor being a web based software program, it’s important to ensure that everything functions perfectly in the 3 browsers which you view and operate the software program in.

The point of this blog post though is to let you know that we can’t support the Google Chrome internet browser at this time. So as it stands right now, none of our testing will be conducted using the Google Chrome browser.

Here’s why:

Although Google Chrome is a fine browser when it comes to regular web surfing, it lacks some of the functionality that The Customer Factor needs. This functionality is in other browsers, but for some reason the folks at google didn’t include it in their browser.

Specifically, let’s look at what’s missing…

When you print a page from the web (like invoices from within The Customer Factor), there is no way in Google Chrome to get rid of the text in all four corners of the printed page. So as an example, in one corner you’ll see the current date. In another corner you may see something like this: “Page 1 of 1”. In still another corner, you’ll see the url of the webpage you’re printing.

Within firefox and internet explorer, we are able to remove this text easily in “page settings” areas. View the intro video on the home/quick summary screen when logged into your account and you’ll see how to do this.

But in Google Chrome, there is no way to remove this text. So you’ll end up printing invoices that are not very professional looking. We’ve done some research on this to see if google will soon incorporate the ability to remove this text and it appears that people have been asking for this feature for 2 years now, so there’s no telling when it’ll be available.

Another feature not available in Google Chrome is the ability to change page margins. This is important in order for you to print labels from within The Customer Factor and have all the prospect/customer names positioned properly within each label.

Within Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can modify the margins simply by visiting the same “page settings” area that you visit to change the header and footer text as discussed above.

So although we personally like the Google Chrome browser due to its speed and ease of use, we cannot recommend it for use with The Customer Factor. Of course if you’re not printing invoices and have no plans to print labels, then no problem.

But it’s important to point out that we cannot provide support for any issues in The Customer Factor that you might see or that you might experience as a result of using Google Chrome. Since this browser is not 100% ready for web applications, we simply can’t provide support for it at this time. When they have upgraded their browser accordingly with features that are needed for web applications, then they’ll be on our recommended list of browsers to use and we’ll fully support it.

So here is our list of recommended internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (for mac users).


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