Backward and Forward In Profile Screens

You can now go back and forth here at when you’re inside a prospect or customer profile screen. Why would this benefit you? Well…if you do a search, get search results, and then enter a prospect or customer profile screen from the search results screen, in order to get back, prior to this new functionality you needed to click the “back” button or do the search all over again.

But now you can bounce from prospect to prospect or customer to customer and avoid the search results screen entirely.

Important note: You’ll be able to go backward and forward based on what order the prospects or customers display on the search results screen prior to you entering the profile screen.

For example, let’s say you do a search for “customers tentatively due now”. You then sort these customers by “address” on the search results screen. If you then click on a customer’s name on the search results screen to get into their profile screen, you’ll see red arrows within the gray “Customer Profile” area of the screen. And you’ll be able to go back and forth based on the order those “customers tentatively due now” were displaying on the search results screen.

Here is a screen shot showing you the backward/forward arrows:


If you there are no previous prospects or customers to go to, then the back arrow will be grayed out. Like this:

customer 2

And the same thing applies if there are no more prospects or customers to go forward to. The forward arrow will be grayed out.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Have a good day.


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