New Subuser Appointment Only Viewing & Access

We just uploaded a new feature into The Customer Factor that will allow you as the main user of your account to create subusers and make it so that they can only view the appointments they’ve been assigned to. Click on the “users” dropdown under the “My Account” tab and this is where you can take care of this.

If you’ve never created a subuser before, you first fill in the information for the user like first name/last name. Then insert a username/password/email address for the subuser. You then have the option to make this user an “administrator” or “non administrator”. For this new feature you have to choose the “non administrator” option.

Look at the various screens listed that are available in The Customer Factor and check the boxes of the screens that you do want the subuser to have access to. For those of you who have created subusers before, this is nothing new. But here is a screenshot showing you the new “view all scheduled appointments” option:

So if you want this new subuser/non administrator to login and be able to see only their appointments, choose “no”. Next match up the subuser to his name which shows in the dropdown. If you don’t see any names in the dropdown, then it means you haven’t added any employees into The Customer Factor. So you first have to go to the “Add Employee” screen (under the “Employees” tab in the navigation area) and add employees. You can then create crews if you want to and place your employee(s) in certain crews.

Keep in mind that this assumes you want to assign employees/crews to jobs. If you’re the only one who does the work in your business so no one else will be assigned to jobs when you schedule them except for yourself, then you can ignore this entire feature.  🙂

Ok…so to continue on, you’ve selected the employee name in the 1st dropdown. So let’s say you’re creating a subuser account for Ron Jones and his name is listed in the dropdown so you’ve selected that. Make sure you didn’t assign Ron to any crews. If you look in the 2nd dropdown, you’ll see the crews that are listed and it’ll show which employees are part of those crews. If Ron is part of no crew, then dropdown 2 and dropdown 3 can be left to display “Select”.

That’s it! Make sure to click “Update” (or “Create User” if you’re creating a new subuser). You can then provide this username/password to your employee and when he/she logs in, they’ll only see the jobs and prospect/customer estimates that they’ve been assigned to. They’ll never see any other appointments on the calendars. And from the calendar screens, by default they’re “view appointment” checkbox is the only one checked. They don’t have the option to check other employees “view appointment” checkboxes like you do as the main user of the account.

And don’t forget that if your subuser/employee isn’t responsible for collecting money from customers so therefore they don’t need to see any job pricing, you can control that too when creating the subuser information.

As always, if you have questions, please let us know.

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