An Upgrade To The “How Often” Options (Available When Scheduling Jobs)

Based on member feedback that we received after our recent release of the multiple frequency period feature, we made some upgrades and changes to the “how often” section available to you when you schedule customers in The Customer Factor.

Here Is What The “How Often” Area Looks Like On The “Add Customer” screens:

how often on add customer screen

Similar “how often” areas can be found throughout the software wherever you schedule customer jobs from such as the prospect/customer callback windows, the customer profile screen, and the prospect profile screen.

Notice in the above screenshot how “not assigned” is chosen by default? When first adding a customer into The Customer Factor, there’s a good chance you won’t know what the customer’s frequency period is for the job(s) you’re scheduling, so we’ve made “not assigned” the default option. Prior to this change, you had to actually choose a frequency period. So now you can simply schedule the job like normal and then save the customer w/o having to do anything in the “how often” area.

Of course if you do know what the frequency period is for a customer’s job or if you do know that the job(s) you’re scheduling are “recurring”, then  feel free to make the appropriate choice in the “how often” area.

Here Is What The “How Often” Area Looks Like On The Customer Profile Screen:

how often in customer profile screen

Looks pretty similar to the earlier screenshot, right? But here is a quick outline of some of the differences on how this particular “How often” area will function when members schedule jobs from the “schedule jobs” section on the customer profile screen.

–If you’re scheduling a job for a customer from the customer’s profile screen, “not assigned” will be the option available by default if the customer has 1) no job in job history; 2) a recurring job in job history, or 3) a job with “not assigned” in job history.

–If a customer does have a job in job history with an actual frequency period assigned to it (monthly, semiannually, etc.), then from the customer profile screen when scheduling a job for a customer, the “How often” area will look slightly different with the default option being an option that shows the job’s actual frequency period that is in job history.

For example, a customer has a job in job history with a “quarterly” frequency period assigned to it. The option available by default in the “schedule jobs” section on the customer profile screen will therefore be: “Assign Last Frequency period used (Quarterly)”.

So Here’s What The “How often” Area Will Look Like:

how often again in the software

Notice how there are now four choices in the “How Often” area with the first choice being selected by default which shows the previous job’s frequency period in parenthesis? This was done like this because most of the time when you schedule a job for a customer, you’ll be using the same frequency period for the new job as you did for the previous job. So if this is the case, then there is nothing for you to do but schedule the job as usual and save it.

However if you are scheduling a job that needs a different frequency period assigned to it or you’re scheduling a job that is “recurring” or perhaps you’re wanting to schedule this job as “not assigned”, those options are also available to you.

And as a reminder, you’ll see these “How Often” areas wherever you are scheduling jobs in The Customer Factor. This includes the prospect callback window, the customer callback window, all 4 “add customer”  screens, the customer profile screen (“schedule jobs” section), and the prospect profile screen (“make ’em a customer” section).

The goal behind the entire software program is to make sure that not one single job and/or customer falls through the cracks, so by providing you the ability to choose “how often” the job needs to be done when you’re scheduling the job, this allows the software to make the proper calculations and provide you the info. you need as far when customers are “tentatively due to be scheduled” again.

In closing, remember that if you schedule a job for a customer with “not assigned” because you’re not sure of what the frequency period is for that job, no worries. Back on the home/quick summary screen, all of your “not assigned” jobs will show up in an alert ** alert window so the software will keep you posted as far as what jobs need frequency periods assigned to them.

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