A Change To The Frequency Period/Recurring Period Text in Job History

Prior to this change, every single job that a customer had in their job history would show either the frequency period for it or the recurring period (if it was a “recurring” job) for it. So the job history was looking a bit “busy”. In addition, all this extra text that displayed really wasn’t needed.

For example, let’s look at a screenshot:

job history for the software

See how the most recent job  of “Gutter Cleaning” is the only one that has the frequency period of “Semi-annually” displaying? Prior to today’s change, everyone of the gutter cleaning jobs you see listed would show the same text: “Frequency: Semi-annually”. So as mentioned earlier, it was a bit too “busy”.

The Customer Factor only looks at the most recent job anyway in determining when a job is “tentatively due to be scheduled”, so there really wasn’t any reason to provide a way for members to edit frequency periods for all jobs in job history since it didn’t matter anyway.

Now let’s look at another screenshot:

2 different jobs in the customer factor

You’ll notice that there are now two jobs that show in job history with a frequency period listed for each of them. The reason for this is because the jobs are different. Whenever you have different customer jobs in job history, then each one will display a frequency period.

The Software is looking at what each job’s frequency period is when calculating when it’s “tentatively due to be scheduled”. So if the jobs are different, then The Customer Factor needs to look at each job independently. And that’s why each one has a frequency period showing and that’s why you are able to edit the frequency period (click on the frequency period to open up a window) if needed.

Note: If any jobs in job history happened to be “recurring”, no recurring period text will display at all. Obviously the frequency period text shouldn’t show for recurring jobs since the jobs are “recurring”, but no recurring text is needed either. After all, it shouldn’t matter whether a job is recurring or not once it’s in job history. The job has already been completed. 

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