Customer Credits and Invoice Overpayments

We just released a way for members of to easily handle invoice overpayments and/or customer credits. I’ll start off with a screenshot to a payment window which is what opens up when clicking the payment status link for a customer’s invoice. And I’ll click the “change to paid” option as shown below in order to pay the invoice.

I pointed to the new credit area in the payment window. You’ve always had the ability to add a tip, but along with that, you can now register a credit.

So let’s say that in the above case, even though the invoice is for $325, the customer gives you $350. Maybe he tells you to just apply the additional $25 to the next job you do for him. So all you do is check “yes” next to “Tip/Credit” and insert the $25 amount into the Credit field like this:

After choosing the form of payment made by customer, we can go ahead and click “save”. If we visit the invoice screen for this particular invoice, here’s what we see:

The Customer Factor will assume that this amount should be applied to the next invoice, but you can edit the amount if you need to. Using the above example of a $25 credit, maybe you just want to apply $10 to the next invoice you create for customer.

Let’s now fast forward to the next invoice for the above customer:


Again, the assumption will be that the full credit will be applied against the next invoice, so if you’re printing all your invoices from the daily calendar, any invoices with credits will have 100% of the credit applied. If you do want to edit the credit/reduce the amount prior to creating/printing the invoice, you need to do it on the create invoice screen which you get when creating invoices for any customer from their profile.

And lastly, here’s what you can now do in a customer profile screen as it relates to credits.

So what you can do is click on the appropriate customer credit link which will open up a window where you can add another credit amount, edit the credit, or delete the credit.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Have a great day!