Daily and Monthly Job Totals Now Available On Monthly Calendar!

When visiting your monthly calendar while logged into The Customer Factor you’ll now see a monthly job total at top left and also at bottom right. This is the total amount of all the jobs you have scheduled that month.

In addition you’ll also notice that a daily job total is listed for each day where you have at least one job posted. If you have prospects, personal appointments, tasks, or any combination of these types of appointments with no jobs for the day, then no “Job Total” text will display.

Here’s a screenshot:

How did we handle jobs that are scheduled for a single customer over multiple days? What we did was assign the total amount of the job(s) to the first day only.

Example: Mrs Jones has a pressure washing and window cleaning job scheduled over a 3 day time span on Dec 7, 8, and 9. The job amount for these jobs total $800. So the $800 amount is calculated into the job total of Dec 7 only. The job totals for dec 8 and dec 9 do not reflect this $800.

We felt this was better than averaging the job amount over 3 days (ie: $267.67 per day in above example) and include that amount for each day because that might lead to too much confusion.

So if you run your mouse over an appointment on the monthly calendar and it says “Day 2 of 3” or “Day 3 of 3” for example which means it’s a multiple date job, just know that even though the job amount does show in the mouseover box, it will not display in the “Job Total” for that particular day.

A final note:

Please take a look at this screenshot of the daily calendar that includes a job for a customer scheduled over 3 days. This particular screenshot shows the 2nd day of the job.

Notice the “multiple date jobs” wording? This only displays on the daily calendar when a job for a customer is in its second, third, fourth, etc. dates. In other words on the first day of this job, this “multiple date jobs” wording does not display on the daily calendar.

You’ll see how the multiple date jobs amount that’s listed is subtracted out giving you an “actual job total”. For further information you can run your mouse over the question mark image to the right of the “multiple date jobs” wording. As always if you have any questions, please let us know.