Merging Customers

Question: Can I merge duplicate customers?

Answer: You are able to actually merge customers, but we don’t have an overall area in CF where you can do it, so what you have to do is visit Merge Customer Screen or you can use this specific url:

merge screen

Before visiting this url though pls visit each customer profile screen for whoever you want to merge. There is an id number to the right of each customer name in their profile screen.

Pls make a note of each id number. So again, you’ll be merging two customers at a time, so pls make a note of each customer’s id number.

customer id

Then when you visit the merge url above you’ll be able to insert the id number of the main customer who the other customer is getting merged into and you’ll be able to insert the id number of the customer being merged. Pls make sure that the id numbers are correct because there is no reversing a merge. Once a merge is performed, it can’t be undone.

If you have any concerns, please let us know.

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