Job Total Versus Sales Reports

Question: Why don’t my job totals on the calendar match the sales report total?

Answer: It’s actually not unusual for your monthly totals to be different from your sales totals. The calendar job totals is about is only about job amounts/pricing. It doesn’t take into consideration invoicing/paid invoices. This is different than sales reports which is dependent on when invoices have been paid. So if you have jobs in january that have not been marked as paid then your sales for january will be lower than the job total that displays for january. Also pls note that there might also be payments made the next month in february. So if you have a job total in january and a few of those jobs were actually marked as paid in february, then those jobs won’t be included in january “sales”. They’ll be included in the february sales. So it’s actually pretty unusual to have sales amounts/totals = calendar/job totals for the above two reasons.

If you have any questions on this pls let me know. Take care for now.

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