Time Options

We have the time option here at The Customer Factor

Simply go to any scheduling area in CF such as the add customer screen scheduling area at bottom of screen (

Click the “options” link to the right of the “time” choice.


Within that window you can change the start time to whatever time you want to start at and you can change the “to” time to whatever time you want. Click save and those changes will be saved throughout your account where your new from/to times will display in the “Time” dropdown.

Pls note that within this same “option” window you can set other defaults such as whether you want to display only a single time or a time range.

Whether to display am and/or pm (to be used if you schedule general appts in the morning or afternoon with no specific times) in the dropdown, and whether you want your times to display every 5 minutes, 15 minutes (this is the default) or every 30 minutes in the “Time” dropdown.

time with dropdown

If you need more info pls let me know. Take care and have a great day.



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