Question:  How can make my employee unavailable when someone would like to schedule a job?

Answer: The best to way signify that an employee is unavailable is to schedule them as a task.

So pls click the “quick add” button at the top right of any screen in The Customer Factor.

quick addYou’ll see a “task” option you can choose.


In the title field you can insert something like “John Smith Vacation” or “John Smith Off”. You can even assign it to that employee (assuming that the employee is set up on the add employee screen). If you do assign to a specific employee, then it will display this task on the calendars in the employee’s color (assuming you have colored coded employees).

task pic 2

Then you select the date that the employee will be unavailable. If the task will repeat where someone is going on vacation for 2 weeks as an example, then you simply select “yes” for “does this task repeat?”. That will open up a number of recurring options where you can select what fits the situation.

task repeater

If you have any questions about this or need clarification (ie: questions on adding employees or color coding employees), pls let us know. Take care for now.


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