Email and Print History

There is a new email and print history area available now for each prospect and customer in

We’ll start off with a screenshot:

send emailsend email 2

Our email/letter history area used to only contain a history of general emails that have been sent or letters that have been printed. But now anything you email or print will display in history. For example, this history area will include invoices that are emailed/printed, estimates that are emailed/printed, statements that are emailed/printed, payment reminders that are emailed/printed, and of course general emails that are sent and letters printed are also included in this history area.

You can find this area by going into any prospect or customer profile screen. Then you can either scroll down or click the Email, Text Messages and Letters jump to link as shown:

jump to

A quick closing to make is that we also have an invoice history section where you can view anything related to an invoice’s history. Here’s a screenshot:

invoice history

You see invoice history after you do any invoice search screen. So above I searched for invoice 971 and I see the history associated with this invoice.

The history will include when the invoice was created, when it was emailed/printed, when a payment reminder was emailed/printed (if any), or if a statement was emailed/printed. It’ll also include payment information (partial or full). And everything is date stamped. You can even add your own history (maybe you search for all “unpaid” invoices and you want to make a note on what a customer said related to when they’ll be sending payment)

The invoice history feature has been around for awhile, but i thought I’d mention it in this update since this update is about “History”.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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