New Google Sync and Transfer Options

We recently uploaded some new functionality for our Google Calendar Sync feature. The first change involves you being able to choose either a one way sync option or a two way sync option. Plus you can now transfer general notes from CF to Google. Let’s start with a screenshot:


To get to the above area pls mouse over the “My Account” navigation tab at the top when logged into your account and click the “Google Calendar Sync” option.

Two Way/One Way:

If you use our google calendar feature currently then you know it’s always been a two way sync. This means that when you schedule or update an appointment in The Customer Factor, that information will transfer to Google and if you schedule or update an appointment in Google, that information will transfer back to CF.

But some folks never update or schedule anything in google, so therefore a two way sync isn’t necessary for those users. So if you do all you’re scheduling in CF and never schedule/update appts. in google, then pls change this google calendar option to “One Way”, click “Update” and you’ll be good to go.

General notes:

Some users have expressed an interest in having general notes transfer to google from CF, so you can now do this.

A couple of important points to make about the general notes option is 1) if you have your general notes in html format for a customer, this formatting will be stripped out when it transfers to google. The google description field doesn’t allow for html code. And 2) if you add notes directly into google calendar for a customer appointment, they will not transfer back to CF. We did this just in case you’ve got a lot of notes for a customer in CF and then maybe you delete the notes in google calendar for some reason for that customer. That would completely wipe out the notes in CF for the customer. So even if you have the two way sync option for google calendar enabled, any general notes that you add into google for any customer will not transfer to CF.

We have lots more google calendar functionality coming up, so pls stay tuned. And if you have any specific information/appt. data that you’d like to see transfer from CF to your google calendar pls let us know.