Quickbooks Error Issue

This “Required parameter ExpenseAccountRef or IncomeAccountRef is missing in the request” error happens if at least one of the following account heads are not in qbo: ‘Sales’, ‘Cash on hand’, ‘Sales of Product Income’, or ‘Services’. You can find these account heads under “Chart of Accounts” in left sidebar. pls look in the “Name” column (first column) and you’ll see that ‘Sales’, ‘Cash on hand’, ‘Sales of Product Income’, or ‘Services’ doesn’t exist.

name column

So if you create a job type in CF the job type will try and sync with qbo but it won’t sync successfully since the job type needs one of the 4 account heads applied to it.

Pls look at this screenshot:

sales pic

I changed the 4 account heads you see from “Sales” and “Sales of Product” income to other account heads. I then created a job type in CF and tried to sync it to CF. Pls look at this screen:

qb error

It wouldn’t transfer since none of the 4 account heads are present in qbo.

So you have 2 choices: 1) Please edit one of the current account heads to ‘Sales’, ‘Cash on hand’, ‘Sales of Product Income’, or ‘Services’.

2) Please let us know what account head you’re using for your sales. Maybe your accountant prefers a different account head. If you can let us know what it is, we can hard code it into your account and then you’ll be good to go.

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